The Route

The plan is ever evolving and as it is Africa, things may change along the way. However the route is essentially structured into 4 stages over 3 months, using 4 different modes of transport.

  1. Fly from Johannesburg via Cairo on Tuesday 7 January 2014, arriving in Khartoum on the 8th. The next two days will be spent meeting, greeting and preparing with the Tour d’Afrique team for the long ride ahead.
  1. The Tour d’Afrique officially begins on the 10 January and will follow 3 stages:
  • Khartoum (Sudan) – Gondar (Ethiopia):  2,215 km, 17 days riding, 3 days rest
  • Gondar – Addis Ababa:  1,625 km, 15 days riding, 3 days rest
  • Addis Ababa – Nairobi (Kenya):  1,687 km, 15 days riding, 2 days rest
  1. Unfortunately my cycle tour will end in Nairobi.  I will get on a plane to Livingstone, Zambia, where I will pick up a car and drive across through Zambia, Botswana and the Caprivi Strip to Namibia.  A separate itinerary for this leg will be attached. I am quite excited for this part of the trip, as it will include some of the most beautiful parts of Africa, getting in a few of the sights and reserves, including Vic Falls, Chobe and Etosha nature reserves.
  1.  The 4th and final leg is yet to be finalized however I was hoping to catch a cargo ship from Luderitz to Cape Town.  I haven’t had any luck with securing a place on a ship as yet, however the back up plan is to hop on a train down to Uppington or Luderitz. Either way I hope to make it to Cape Town on the 22 th March


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