Kit List

This is a completed Kit List of almost everything I have packed for the trip including prices where possible:

Bike and Parts Make Price
Bike Giant XTC 29er 2 (2013) 12000
Multi-Tool previously purchased
Helmet Uvex Superhelix 850
Clipless Pedals (SPD) Shimano PDM32 Pedals 795
Bike Shoes Shimano SHXC30 685
Brake Pads Shimano Resin Pad BRM485 195
Handle Bar Tape Giant Gift
Bike Lights (front/rear LEDs) Top Peak white/ Ravx Flash super red 520
Thermal Water Bottle (2) Polar Print 260
Tire Levers previously purchased
Lubricant Mucoff Dry Lube 120ml 130
Tube Patch Kits (3)
Bike Pump previously purchased
Spare Tubes (6) Continental 300
Rear Bag previously purchased
Water Bottle Holder (2) Zakt metal 390
Spare Brake and Gear Cables (housing & ends) Shimano 90
Water Bottle (2) previously purchased
Cable Lock Giant Gift
Tires (2) Mountain/Offroad Schwalbe Racing Ralph, 29×2.25 Folding with bike
Tires (2) Slicks/On road Schwalbe Marathon Plus (700×28) 1400
Bike Computer Ryder Computer/Altimeter (wireless) 550
Saddle Bag previously purchased
Bar Ends Ryder Epic Bar Ends 295
Total 18460

The bike and gear were by far the greatest expense, however I have an agreement with the bike store through which I bought most of the equipment that any unused extras could be returned provided they are returned in their original packaging. Hopefully I wont be using any of the extras and I have excluded extras like chains and derailers as I will only be completing half the tour and hopefully wont be needing them.

Camping Gear Make No. Price
Tent Terra Firma – Explore Lite 1 1499
Tent Footprint/Groundsheet NorthRidge 1 449
Travel Pillow/Case 1 Previously purchased
Sleeping Bag: 0° (Synthetic in case gets wet) 360° 1 Previously purchased
Dish Set Stainless Steel Plate/Sea to Summit Delta Bowl 1 150
Tent Repair Kit Gear Aid 1 169
Repair Tape (Nylon) Coghlan’s 1 19
Headlamp Petzl 1 Previously purchased
Sleeping Pad – Self Inflating K-Way 1 399
Trail Seat: Cape Union Mart 1 120
8 L Dry Sack Sea To Summit 1 199
Tent Pegs (Aluminium) Coghlan’s 4 39
90L Duffel Bag: Overboard Waterproof K-Way 1 Previously purchased
Folding Bowl (to wash clothes, dishes, self) Cape Union Mart 1 225
Packing Organizers eBags 3 252
Travel Check 4 300
100L Duffle Bag K-Way 1 Previously purchased
Sleeping Bag Liner: Sea to Summit Coolmax Cape Union Mart 1 550
Travel Towel Cape Union Mart 2 Previously purchased
Rope 8m 1 Previously purchased
Folding Shovel Yellowstone 1 115
LED lights Rolson 3 118
Pegless Clothes line Cape Union Mart 1 99
Eating utensils GSI Outdoors Stainless steal 1 109
Duct Tape Previously purchased
Day Pack 20l Sea To Summit 299
Waterproof Pouch (Documents/Money) Coghlan’s 1 29
Total 5139

The camping gear was relatively inexpensive and items such as pegless clotheslines and LED lights, one could do without, however they make camping just a little bit more comfortable.  When camping for 3 months I think these might just be warranted. Plus Im a sucker for camping gadgets.

Cycling Gear Number
Bike Shorts 3
Bike Jersey 3
Arm Warmers 1 Pair
Leg Warmers 1 Pair
Cycling Gloves: 2 Short Finger Gloves
Rain Jacket 1
Cycling Socks 4
Reflective clothing 1 bib
Other Clothing
T-Shirt 3
Light Long Sleeved Shirt: 1
Shorts 2
Underwear 6
Socks, wool 3
Thermal Underwear 1 Pair
Buff 2
Hiking Pants/Shorts 1
Walking Shoes 1
Fleece 1
Hat – Cap & Widerim 1
Beanie/Toque 1
Sunglasses 2 Pairs
Glasses 1 Pair
Travel Towel 2
Rain Jacket/ Wind breaker 1
Rain Pants 1
Jeans 1
Shirt 1

I believe that the medical list below is fairly comprehensive and although medical supplies can be bought on route, often the closest dispensary is not close enough when you need it and thus I would rather be prepared.

Medical/Toiletries  Type No.
Vasoline Vasoline 1 Tub
Sunscreen UVA 3 stars – Factor 30/40/50 3 Bottles
Travel wipes  Antiseptic Wet wipes 3 Packets
Oral Rehydration Salts Rehidrat 12 Sachets
Lotion/lip balm Lip Ice SPF 15/ Zambac 3
Shampoo/body wash Sea to Summit – Biodegradable Shampoo/ Detol Body Wash 2
Washing Powder Omo 1 Ziploc Bag
Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental Floss 1 of each
Deodorant Shield Atomizer/ Mitchum Roll-on 1 of each
Razor Disposable 1
Insect Repellant (2): R55 Peaceful Sleep/ Tabard 3
Wound Dressings Bandaids, Gauze, Medical Tape, Alcohol Swabs Alot
Painkillers & Anti-Inflammatories Tramal, Myprodol, Panado, Buscopan, Disprin, Diclophenac (Voltaren) 1 box of each
Antibiotics Clarythromycin, Ciprobay, Cefuroxime, Cefpodoxime 1 box of each
Altitude Medication Diamox 1 box
Decongestants Iliadin Nose Spray 1 bottle
Antihistamine Actifed/ Celestamine (non-sedating) 1 of each
Hand sanitizer/Antiseptic Savlon Cream, Detol, Dismed (Alcohol) 1 of each
Laxatives, Immodium, Tums ENO, Immodium 1 box of each
Hydrocortisone Cream Mylocort Cream 1 tube
Malaria Pills Malarone 80 tblts
Zinc Cream 1 tub
Toilet Paper 3 Ply 5 rolls
Face Cloth 1
Insecticide Spray Tabard Health Guard Tent and Clothing Spray 1 can
Antibiotic ointment Bactroban, Germoline 1 tube each
HealthGuard Tent and Clothing Insect Repellant 2 cans
Sports tape 1 roll
Splints/Bandages Fibreglass Plaster, Crepe bandage 1 each
Antiemetic Valoid 1 box
Immune Booster Borocca, Corenza-C, Vit C 1 tube each
Ziploc Bags Small, Medium 1 packet each
Muscle Ointment Raparil Gel 1 tube
Eye Drops Refresh Capsules 10
Electronics Make Price
Cell Phone iPhone 5/ iPhone 4 Previously purchased
Waterproof Phone Case Lifeproof Case 200
Solar Charger PortaPow 3 Watt USB Solar Panel Previously purchased
External Battery Backup TeckNet Power Bank 12000mAh 335
Compact Camera (Waterproof) Nikon Coolpix AW100 Previously purchased
Camera Spare Battery Nikon EN-EL12 252
LED Lamps (3) Rolson 24 LED Lamp with hook 118
Spare Batteries AAA and AA Previously purchased
Lock Combination Keyless Previously purchased
Torch Crystal Batteryless Previously purchased
SDHC Ultra Memory Card Sandisk 8Gb Previously purchased
Plug Adapter International Multiprong
Lonely Planet Africa Lonely Planet 486
iPad 2 Apple Previously purchased

With the electronics, bear in mind that for long periods of time you will not have access to electrical points and hence will not be able to charge items whilst camping.  The external battery helps and give about 5 full charges for an iphone 5.

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