Money Money Money

After a long month in Ethiopia, I am glad to say goodbye and look forward to what Kenya has to offer.

The few things I’ve learnt on my travels through this beautiful country is that:

Ethiopia is densely populated with 40% of her inhabitants aged 15 and younger. This is particularly noticeable when on route you select a quiet spot and concealing bush to do your business behind when within minutes you’ll have a small gathering of spectators.

It feels like you are cycling the Tour de France, as every village you pass through (which is every few kms) you will have locals running to the road not with a cheer or applause but rather with a high pitched chorus of ‘you, you, you’ as you pass by.

It appears that Abba is extremely popular amongst the youth and many will serenade you with a rendition of ‘money, money, money’ and ‘gimme gimme gimme’.

If ever one should complain about cycling hills, they should come to Ethiopia to see what a real climb is like.

The average kid can run 20-22km/h barefoot on dirt and reach a range of 20m when throwing a stone.

Injera and lamb tibs, washed down with a St George’s beer is the way to go.

I’d recommend a visit to Lalibela and a hike through the Simien mountain range, it truly is spectacular.


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