Sticks & Stones

We have spent 3 days cycling through the Simien Mountain range of Northern Ethiopia to the ancient capital of Axum (allegedly home to the Ark of the Covenant). There have been several long, winding uphills but with every climb there’s an awesome descent at the end. Some of these descents have been slightly daunting being on rough rocky roads without balustrades, but nonetheless great fun. The scenery has been spectacular with rolling green mountains, scattered with small shire-like farming villages.

Unfortunately I’ve had a few encounters with orange sized rocks and a stick being pelted at me by little bandits along the way. One such rock damaged my camera which was in my back pocket, however being a ‘tough’ camera, still seems to function. It must be said though that these little brats form a small minority and overall the people have been fantastic and eagerly welcome you into their home/cafe for a tea or cola (often ushering out local patrons to make space).

Despite being largely a Christian population with the exception of the Rastas, I am still being awoken by the call to prayer at various times in the night, which I was hoping would end in Sudan.

The next 4 days we will spend again off-road to get to Lalibela – famous for its monolithic rock‑cut churches. I’m looking forward to this and will hopefully be able to post some pictures then.





One response to “Sticks & Stones

  1. Lovely photos. I still have this question of the the Ark of the Covenant, does this Ark hidden somewhere in Somalia?

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