Hot as Hell!

It’s been an incredibly tough 6 days off-road across soft sand, dirt, mud and canals. Temperatures have been nothing short of 44-45 deg and 38 in the shade (if you can find any). A couple of riders suffered heat stroke and dehydration and a few, including myself have had our first episodes of gastro, however we have all managed to reach our destination of Gedaref. We created quite a stir on arrival as the police/military insisted on providing us with an escort to our camp grounds and a local TV crew were quick to pop by and do a little filming and interviewing for an African news network. This will be our last rest point in Sudan before we make our border crossing into Ethiopia and a long awaited ice cold beer. Sudan is under Sharia Law and thus officially a dry country (in more ways than one).

Final thoughts on Sudan:
Hot, dry, flat and dusty. We have been so well received by the locals with many stopping and going out of their way to chat to us and welcome us into their country. There is generally a large communication barrier but with enough gesticulating and a couple of Arabic words, any is possible. It’s known to be one of the safest countries in Africa and I have definitely felt completely safe with regards to my belongings and in person. With this said, there are obviously minor incidents in major cities like Khartoum, as in any other country. We have camped along roads, next to construction sites, in the middle of the desert, next to villages and nomadic dwellings all without incident. A few industrious inhabitants have even provided us with cold drinks and buckets of water for cleaning at a small price.





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