Dongola to Atbarah

4 Consecutive days of desert, wind and 40 deg heat. The bum is adapting and the legs have doubled in size. We passed a few interesting sights including pyramids outside of Karima and had a half day tour to the pyramids of Meroe. Unfortunately the heat has sapped my ability to retain any historical facts the guide was eager to handout.

Atbarah is a small hub which sits on the Nile and acts as a railway station. Not really designed for tourists however we managed to find a good chicken restaurant (if you can call it that) in the town which served up a tasty meal.

We have somehow landed up camping at another abandoned amusement park (or perhaps abandoned for our use) which is a comfy spot to lay for tonight, get some washing done and maybe a head to toe scrub. We have had to switch out to off-road tyres for the next leg which essentially cuts though unpaved desert. Should be a blast;)





2 responses to “Dongola to Atbarah

  1. Very proud of you! We are really enjoying following your trip – horrific heat & winds notwithstanding – hope the pain etc is easing – lots of love Janet and Tony PS Tony says he would love to be there PPS I think not!

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