Sudanese Visa

Sudan has one of the most expensive and complicated visa application processes. Not sure I completely understand the process but luckily The hotel arranged everything for us.

Firstly, everyone needs a visa except Egyptians and they won’t issue you a visa if you have evidence i.e. a stamp in your passport, indicating that you have visited Israel. Some hotels can arrange a “counter visa” in advance so that you can collect this at the airport on arrival. With this you will be required to make a payment of $100 ($150 for US citizens because they’re wealthier?), have a photo and finger prints taken and a formal visa placed in you passport. Simple… But not over yet.

You now have to register within 3 days at the Aliens Registration Office at a further fee, with 2 passport photos and copies of your passport. The hotel did this for us at a fee of SDD 300 (+-$70).

And lastly, a travel permit is required for most journeys outside Khartoum, excepting northern destinations. You need to take two photos, a copy of your passport and SDD8700 to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. It usually takes a day or two. You must make copies of this because the police will request it at check points. Again this was done for us.


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3 responses to “Sudanese Visa

  1. I suppose that’s Africa for you????? What a money making racket ! Didn’t the Tour Advisors know about this before hand or is this a first? Thank heavens you took extra pics xx

    • Scrim, you’ll need one if these when traveling through Sudan, mostly asked for around Khartoum. Keep a number of photo copies ready plus your passport. They ask for them at road blocks and to purchase items like SIM cards etc.

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