Bags Packed

D-Day today.. I sit at the boarding gates awaiting departure thinking to myself, “what in michaels name have I got myself into?”
It would have been a lot cheaper and more comfortable traveling to an exotic island somewhere in the Caribbean perhaps, lapping up the sun and surf. But alas I am Sudan bound, to spend 2 months on a saddle or the floor with no ablution facilities. It does make for a far more interesting tale tho.
Bags are packed and I hope I have thought of everything, although that is unlikely. Added a few minor touches to the bike – proudly South African

Adios amigos



One response to “Bags Packed

  1. You’ve put a lot of time, thought and excitement into preparing for this trip! Wishing you All Gods Blessings for an adventure of a lifetime AND a safe return home….we’ll be following your daily rides……hope you got your connecting flight? Miss you already. Love and hugs Mom xx

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