AdmIn & ViSAs

Preparation is key to traveling through Africa relatively smoothly.. And so, the paperwork process has begun..

Ethiopian Visa
I need to apply for an Ethiopian visa, which is a 3 month visa. However the embassy requires you to have a valid passport up until 6 months post expiration of the visa. As my South African passport is expiring on the cusp of 6 months, this means I will need a new passport as well. Surprisingly, applying for a new passport through South African Home Affairs is not as painful as one would think and turn around time for a new passport is 2 weeks. (I believe this is dependent on which home affairs you go through)

Sudan Visa
This will be sorted out in arrival in Khartoum.

Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia do not require a visa when traveling on a SA passport. This makes life a lot easier.

Next process…driver licence.


One response to “AdmIn & ViSAs

  1. Going through all the same stuff right now as well, so I will keep you posted on any information that is a little sketchy. Would like to know what the road situation is from Moyale to Nairobi- supposedly takes 4 days by car and its only 800km!

    There seems to be issues with a Police clearance certificate at some of the Malawian borders for a vehicle, but otherwise all good.

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